From his humble beginnings as an extremely gifted guitarist, SIMON ATTFIELD is persistently defeated by the evil brothers RENT CHECK and BILLS. With only one option left open to him, SIMON begins the musicians most feared journey - THE QUEST FOR GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT to find the elusive JEWEL OF STABILITY.

Leaving his home of Leeds in West Yorkshire (a wretched hive of scum and villainy) he crossed the perilous waters of THE ATLANTIC to begin anew with his new wife, the beautiful Lady Allison of Chicago, in the intriguing land of SAN FRANCISCO.

It is here, armed with the knowledge of the ancients from THINKFUL.COM, he must work to gain the illustrious title of WEB DEVELOPER.

Plot the course to PROJECTS to see examples of his craft.

Now you must help him complete his journey by giving him the thing he craves the most...


The Angular 2 System

Chatster Logo Image

You can only fight the Empire™ if you can communicate with the rest of the Rebels™. Open up your comms channel here.

Benny Hill Video Converter Image

After a hard day's blasting. Kick back with your little Ewoks and Droids™ and convert your favorite YouTube™ videos into a Benny Hill Chase Scene!

The React Exoplanet

Twitter CMS Logo Image

Need to keep your Attack Squadron™ up to date on all your coming raids? Then send a Tweet™ AND update your website in one move!

The JavaScript Galaxy

Canvas Game Logo Image

Escape it all! Become a fireball wielding Raccoon™ and take out those tasty farmers!

Tic Tac Toe Game Logo Image

It may look like the love child of an Elephant and the Back End of a Bus. BUT! Show the Empire™ what you're made of in a battle to the death in EXTREME NAUGHTS AND CROSSES™

Tie Fighter
Earth background image